Triathletes – Can You Help Us?

Hey there,

So a little while back we did a survey to find out how many people who are fans/customers were also triathletes.

The results were pretty interesting.triathlete

After going through the survey we realized that there were a lot of problems that triathletes were having that we could easily solve.

The only issue we had was…

“How do we communicate specifically with triathletes/triathlon participants and get triathlete specific info just to them?”

We didn’t want to send triathlete specific info to someone who just had foot surgery because of a chronic issue they had, or other people who had no interest.

So we came up with a simple solution.

That is…

We just need you to confirm for us that you are a triathlete/ triathlon participant by clicking the yellow button below and entering your email on the next page.

Click Here To Help…

That’s all we need. Now we wont spam you or do anything awful like that. We just want to make sure we end up helping the right people.

So if you haven’t confirmed for us yet that you participate in triathlons or are a triathlete please just click the yellow button above.

Thank you!

Image: Courtesy Of Chris Hunkeler