What Are Pronation And Supination?

Watch The Video Below To Learn More And See Why These Are Important

Do you know what pronation means when it comes to your feet? How about supination?

Well, both are very important to understand when it comes to how your feet operate.

A lot of foot related issues can be determined simply by whether your feet pronate or supinate.

If you want to know the difference between the two and figure out whether you pronate or supinate make sure you watch the video above and read this page.


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What Is Pronation?

  • The natural (side-to-side) motion of your foot when walking or running.
  • This is simply where your foot/ ankle roll inward when it's going through the gait cycle (watch the video for good description).

What Is Supination?

  • This is a motion where your foot rolls to its outer edge/ away from the midline of the body (watch the video above for a detailed visual and explanation).

When Does Pronation And Supination Take Place?

  • Pronation and supination happen when the foot goes through it's gait cycle (stride).
  • It takes place in all 3 different planes of motion (Sagittal - forward or backward, Coronal- side-to-side, and  Transverse - rotational).

How Does Supination Affect You?

  • Too much or too little of either can cause injuries.
  • Supination issues can lead to plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries, iliotibial problems, and achilles tendonitis or other issues.
  • Pronation/ over-pronation - can lead to knee pain, shin splints, posterior tibial tendonitis or other issues.

Want To Know More About Pronation And Supination?

If you're at the point where your having foot pain or related problems, you don't want to let it drag out anymore.

Understanding how pronation and supination are playing a role in these issues may be increasing is important.

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