Congratulations On Your New Custom Orthotics

As a thank you for purchasing your custom orthotics I've put together a FREE video series for you that will break down everything you need to know about your orthotics.

Understanding how they function and how they wear with your feet will be crucial to getting the most out of them and keeping your feet happy and healthy moving forward.

To access this video series just scroll down and enter your info below.

Video 1 - What To Expect With Your Orthotics

This is the first video in the series and it will go over what to expect with your orthotics and the basic break-in period.

Video 2 - What To Expect After 3 Months

This is the second video in the series and you will get this 3 months after you receive your orthotics. You'll learn about how your orthotics will be reacting and what normal wear and tear should look like.

Video 3 - What To Expect After 6 Months

Six months after purchasing your orthotics I'll send you the the third video in the series. We will go over what to watch out for and how to make sure your orthotics are staying in good shape.

Video 4 - What To Expect At 9 Months

At 9 months I'll send you the 4th video. At this point you will definitely have some wear to the orthotics. With this you will see how the orthotic is wearing down and explain what is normal and what is not.

Video 5 - What To Watch Out For At 12 Months

After one year of ownership you'll receive the final video in the series.  We will go over how your orthotics should function and look after this time and how resurfacing can play a role in all of it.

To Access These Videos And Get The Most Out Of Your Orthotics Please Enter Your Information Below

After you submit your info, the first video in the series will be sent to your email inbox. At 3 months you will receive the second video. At 6 months you will receive the third video and so on until 1 year after your purchase.

I've decided to do it this way so that you can physically compare your orthotics at the same time frame with what is being shown and explained in the video.

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