Specialty Fittings for the runner and the walker

By watching you walk barefoot, we observe the toe-in or toe-out of each foot, as well as what type of pronator you are. Then we have you sit in one of our three specially designed high chairs and ask you some questions. While you are in the high chair, feet dangling freely, we share a brief overview about the barefoot and what shoes can do for your feet and body. We hold your heel and push it upward, to familiarize you with the benefits of a good heel cup inside the shoe. Then we stand you on inserts to ensure you know what good cushioning feels like. We measure both feet two dimensionally (length and width) with an American-Made Brannock device. We explain in more detail what pronation is using a skeleton of the foot. Then we explain what muscles in the leg are involved and why your specific problem (if you have one) might be coming from ill-fitting shoes. We then recommend a shoe-fitting, which may include one or all of the five cultures we work with every day in the store. We always guarantee our fittings. Our call is to help you become a better foot and shoe detective. You can always do things with the fit of your shoes to help you and the shoe perform better.

Boot Fitting

Fitting a pair of boots can be quite a task. We have two types of boot customer. The one who knows what they want and the one who is feeling discomfort, or pain, and just isn't happy with their footwear. Right off the bat, we ask you what kind of boot you are looking for, so we can be useful to you. Hopefully we have them in stock. If we don't we will get them for you, no matter what they are, as long as they are available. We were trained to fit boots by master boot fitter, Phil Oren. Phil's proprietary system involved taking detailed measurements and filling out a Fit Card. The measurements led to a recommended boot type, size, and the necessary modifications. While Phil's system is the best boot-fitting system in the world, we found over time that our customers didn't have "all day" to receive this much service, so we took what we learned from the Master and developed a process that suits the customer visiting our store. We find it takes about 30-45 minutes to properly fit boots to those wanting the service. The most important thing is to validate the shoe size. We do this with an athletic shoe first. Then we size you with boots whose fit we trust. Whether your need is for a serious pair of back-packing boots, light hikers, work shoes and boots for any need, we will fit you properly, using the five cultures we feel are important to completing the service.


Five steps or cultures are important to achieving a proper shoe fit in our store. Pain and the fear of pain are motivates most of our customers to want this service. We list them in their order of importance.

1. Choosing the right shoe – it is a two category shoe world today: the minimal shoe and the maximum shoe. We will educate you as to what you need: cushioning; support; and the weight.

2. Choosing the right socks – thin, medium, thick, and/or padded, your socks should be right for you and the shoe. Our performance sock selection is second to none.

3. Choosing the right insert – this is necessary "to complete the fit of the shoe." We have a great deal of experience and always recommend the right thing to do.

4. Choosing the right lace technique – the middle part of the top of your foot features a bony prominence. Creative lacing, with this part of the foot in mind, can prevent numbness on top of the foot, soreness on the bottom of the foot and seat the heel snugly in the back of the shoe.

5. Choosing the proper modification(s) to tweak the fit – sometimes we need to raise the heel higher, or wedge the heel, or raise of lower the arch. Whatever modification(s) are necessary, inside the shoe our outside the shoe, we will do the right thing.

We fit everyone professionally. Whether you are: training for a marathon; a diabetic; have neuropathy; swelling; had an accident; suffering from an onset illness; or have just have difficult feet to fit, we always have a solution for you.

Diabetic Fitting

Custom fit or Custom made for very challenging feet. Call 845-692-9225 for more information.