We offer a wide variety of shoes that range from top of the line athletic wear to Diabetic footwear. Frank's Shoe Fitting and Sporting Goods Inc. carries the finest in footwear even for hard to find sizes and widths with an emphasis in comfort, proper fit, and style. To ensure the best possible fit and feel we utilize our years of experience and time tested tools to customize each pair of shoes. The products we carry are the best in the business and with the necessary adjustments you will feel the biggest difference in your life.


Choosing the right insert – this is necessary "to complete the fit of the shoe." We have a great deal of experience and always recommend the right thing to do.

Accessories & Nutrition

We are very careful what we choose to share with our customers. We use the products first, so we can offer them to our clientele and dispense expert advice. Accessories should be practical and useful. Currently our favorite accessory brands are: Zensah, CEP Compression, Fuel Belt, hydration packs, running belts, Nutrimetrix Supplements, GU, Clif, Balega, Feetures, SportHill, Brooks clothing, Moving Comfort, Thorlo, Wigwam socks, Jox Sox, Superfeet, Spenco, books, magazines, physical therapy items, triathlon wear, swim gear, headgear, eyewear, and The Stick.