We offer a wide variety of shoes that range from top of the line athletic wear to Diabetic footwear. Frank's Shoe Fitting and Sporting Goods Inc. carries the finest in footwear even for hard to find sizes and widths with an emphasis in comfort, proper fit, and style. To ensure the best possible fit and feel we utilize our years of experience and time tested tools to customize each pair of shoes. The products we share are the best in the shoe business and with some attention to detail you will receive the best fit of your life.

Running Shoes

Running shoes, known as cross country running shoes are designed for directional movement.  They are used for lifestyle, work, and play.  They are meant for running on all kinds of surface.  The name brands we sell the most are:  Brooks, Saucony and New Balance.  We also sell running shoes by Inov-8, Asics, Skechers and many more.  If we do not have the shoes you desire, or need, in stock, we will order them and get them for you, quickly.  Running shoe offerings today are divided into two camps:  the Minimum and the Maximum.  Minimal shoes (also called Natural running shoes) have an 8mm drop or less.  They are cushion only and promote running on the ball of the forefoot.  Maximum shoes have more than an 8mm.  Most running shoes today feature an 8mm drop.  Maximal shoe designs are being offered by all the major shoe companies.  They accommodate shoe inserts, offer cushioning, and in some cases arch support.  Many Max models have been around for years like the New Balance 990 series, the Brooks Adrenaline, and the Asics Gel Nimbus.  Their drop and their design features have changed due to the influence of Vibram Five Fingers.  The overall trend in running shoe design is to bring the foot closer to the ground and make them lighter.  New technology continues to be introduced to the running shoe business.  We look forward to sharing all of the excitement in our industry with you.

Track and Field Specialty Shoes and Spikes

We love sports.  Every day we have the privilege of working with many of our area athletes.  The sports at the top of our list are Men’s and Women’s Track & Field (T&F). Specialty shoes for these sports assist athletes in their effort to improve performance.  Each T&F event is a culture in itself.  The roots of these events can be traced to the ancient Olympics in Greece.   All T&F events are individual sports with athletes competing in athletic contests based on running, jumping, and throwing.  The name of the sport comes from the competition venue:  a stadium with an oval running track around a grass field.  The throwing and jumping events usually take place in the central enclosed area.  The running events are categorized as sprints, middle and long distance events, relays and hurdling.  Regular jumping events include long jump, triple jump, high jump and pole vault.  The most common throwing events are shot put, javelin, discus and hammer.  There also combined events such as heptathlon and decathlon, in which individual athletes compete in a number of the above events.   Marathon racing, Race Walking and Cross Country require specialty footwear, as well.  As you can image, the specialty shoes designed for the various events are very lightweight and have the features needed.   For running events we offer racing flats for the roads, track, grass and trail.  Some have spikes, some do not.  There are also specialty shoes for the throwing events, the jumps both long and triple, and for High Jump and Pole Vault.  Most of our T&F shoes are made by Adidas, Asics, Saucony, Brooks, and New Balance.

Team Athletic Footwear

Team sports have specific needs as well.  Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Volleyball, Lacrosse and Field Hockey all have special shoe needs and shoe-fitting needs as well.  Nothing speaks louder than when we have that negative pain caused by improperly fitted footwear.  Soccer, Football, Baseball, Lacrosse and Field Hockey all require footwear with cleats, while Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Wrestling have specific shoe design needs.  Whatever your sport, we can fit you, solve shoe-fitting problems that may occur, and leave you confident, that you have done all you can do with this piece of equipment for your feet.  Most of our team footwear is made by Adidas and New Balance.

Work Shoes

Shoes for work come in assorted styles.  You name it.  It is available.  There are so many shoe companies out there that the World Shoe Association needs over a million square feet of trade show space just so the shoe industry can display its products.  Oxford shoes today are made with a variety of soles and uppers.   Soles are made of many materials:  leather, rubber, combinations of both.  Soles may feature qualities such as non-marking, slip resistant, oil resistant and puncture proof.  There are many choices of upper as well:  calf leather, patent leather, suede, canvas, and many different types of man-made material.  There are many shoe types and features:  Oxford, Blucher, Chukka, Six Inch, Eight Inch, Waterproof, and Insulated.  Whatever you need we have in stock.  If we don’t we will get it for you … quickly!   And of course, we will ensure you are fitted properly using our proprietary fit system.  Many of our models are Made in America, such as  Red Wing, Thorogood and Danner to name a few, along with popular lines by Wolverine, Dunham and many more.

Diabetic Shoes that are Medicare Approved

Frank's Custom Shoe Fitting carries a wide selection of diabetic shoes that are Medicare Approved. Various styles manufactured by some of the top brands in the market offer you stylish alternatives while ensuring comfort and proper foot protection.


Minimal shoe design is all about the "Drop." The Drop is the difference in the height of the shoe under the heel versus the height of the shoe under the forefoot. Most shoes are a little higher under the heel. The average running shoe features a 12mm drop, give or take. Minimal shoes (also called Natural shoes) feature a drop of 8mm or less. Many running shoes now print the metric drop on the shoe insert or list it as one of the shoe specs. The first minimal shoes in my store were Vibram Five Fingers. Time Magazine named Vibram Five Fingers a "Best Invention of 2007" in their November edition. These shoes came to my attention during that year. After two weeks of wearing them every day, I personally experienced dramatic changes. My calves remained tight during the first two weeks, but never injured. Suddenly, my calves stopped hurting and I found myself standing up straighter. The real story was that my back, neck, and shoulders stopped hurting. Vibram Five Fingers retrained my feet to contact the outside mid-foot first and move off the front of my foot more naturally. Bottom line is, I was, and still am, pain free when wearing my Vibrams. Vibram has helped some our customers to realize, less is truly best! Today, in the minimal category, Vibram has a lot of competition. Virtually, every major shoe brand, and lesser known upstart brands, feature shoes from 8mm to zero drop! I often tell my customers, "New ideas in the shoe industry are initially 'Mud against the Wall.' Some ideas stick. Some don't." And we keep inventing new things, which is good for all of us. The minimal shoe has divided the shoe-fitting efforts in our store into two categories: the Minimum and the Maximum. We have figured out how to carefully recommend both. Minimal shoes are not for everybody and the "Minimal Movement" has peaked, but the concept, for a great many people, is here to stay!


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