Superfeet Over-The-Counter (OTC) Inserts

Since June 1, 1995, we have been recommending and using Superfeet brand inserts to our customers.  Up to that point, I had purchased eleven prescription orthotic inserts over a ten year period.  All eleven orthotics underperformed with my shoes and caused me pain instead of alleviating it.  On May 1, 1995, I ran four miles in my first pair of Superfeet trim to fit Green inserts.  They improved the fit of my running shoes.  I enjoyed a pain free run because of them.  Shortly after, a technician from Superfeet visited my store, fitted me with Custom Green inserts, and I was hooked.  Immediately I began custom fitting my customers with Custom Green, Custom Black, and several trim-to-fit inserts from the Superfeet collection.  Every day, because of Superfeet, we come to work knowing we are working with the best OTC shoe inserts in the world.  We use trim-to-fit Green inserts to show our customer what a good heel cup should feel like and more times than not we recommend either Custom Green or Custom Black because we know the customer will enjoy these the most.  Custom Green inserts are comprised of three components.  While you sit in a special designed high chair, two of the patented components are heated in an oven.  When ready, the three items are assembled and placed under the bottom of the foot using a strap around the mid foot.  A hose in a rubber buttress is attached to the foot just above the ankle.   A foot bag is placed over the foot.  The bag is rolled tight onto the buttress.  A strap is secured around the leg onto the buttress to ensure a good seal.   Air is removed from the bag to ensure a tight copy of the foot as a compressor empties the air to provide the perfect cast of the foot.  The result is a custom insert second to none.   Custom Black is comprised of two components.  The same pressure casting technique is used to generate a custom insert.  Custom Green features a deeper heel pocket than Custom Black.  We highly recommend our customers visit to learn more.   In my opinion, no retail shoe insert company has done more to provide healthy in-shoe products than Superfeet.

Shoe Orthotics by Northwest Podiatric Lab

Northwest Podiatric Lab (NPL) is located in the state of Washington.  A short time after we started selling Superfeet in our store, we began training to become Board Certified in Pedorthics.   In our opinion, the only thing superior to Superfeet are the orthotics made at NPL.  NPL, years ago, knew there were better materials out there than the many plastic materials being used by most orthotic labs.  Their special proprietary composite material is second to none.  It is thin, accommodates properly the shoes in which they are inserted, alleviating the need to upsize or oversize a shoe.  This has always been a touchy point with us.  We feel that the correct size and choice of shoe is the most important part of a shoe fit and that the OTC insert or orthotic insert should, at best, improve the fit of the shoe and tend to the unique needs of our customers.